2016: Cynthia Cruz and Petchey Academy

  • Cynthia Cruz and Petchey Academy Whitechapel Gallery Masterclass

Cynthia Cruz and Petchey Academy, Hackney, Sixth Form

Working with artist Cynthia Cruz, sixth form students were led on a digital journey merging pixel and pigment.

The all-pervasive imagery on social media prompted the making of collages using apps on handheld devices. The result was printed onto canvas with additional paint added to its surface.

It’s good experience; we learnt new things that we don’t normally do in the class. Working with ipads, apps, and green screen – none of it is usually part of our art lessons. I hope to be a graphic designer one-day so this is directly helping me to gain skills I will need to get to Uni.  Student, Petchey Academy

These Masterclasses are more interactive and we get to do more work and Cynthia is teaching us stuff that I have never learnt before in normal art lessons. Using apps, we have never done that in an art lesson. I like it. It’s different and is really fun! Student, Petchey Academy

The step up from GCSE to A-level, most students find that difficult, being independent, trying new things, finding your own way to make new work without relying on the teacher. It’s great to have something like this, which encourages them to do all those things!’ Teacher, Petchey Academy