2016: Edwina Ashton and Thornhill Primary School

Edwina Ashton Schools Project Whitechapel Gallery

Edwina Ashton and Thornhill Primary School, Islington

Artist Edwina Ashton was invited by the Whitechapel Gallery to undertake the 2016 Children’s Commission. As part of the project the artist worked with a group of students from Thornhill Primary School in Islington, to explore animals, zoology and human perceptions of nature.

The resulting exhibition In the Winter Hours was informed by a variety of drawing techniques, storytelling and discussion with the students, where they created characters, creatures, settings and habitats.

“I loved working with partners. It was helpful and you learn more about each other and what art you like. Artists are good at showing you different techniques and making you think differently.” Yagmur, 10 years old

Drawing quickly with ink was a challenge. Ink kept running out. It is a hard skill to learn and you had to be patient and careful but quick. I enjoyed learning different ways of art.” Ellie, 10 years old

Art means you can make up things and stories, even funny ones.” Lexi, 5 years old