2016: Robbie Judkins and Bonner Primary School

2016: Robbie Judkins and Bonner Primary School

Robbie Judkins and Bonner Primary School, Tower Hamlets, Year 3

Students from Bonner Primary School worked with sound artist Robbie Judkins to make compositions inspired by the internet. Visiting the exhibition Electronic Superhighway (2016-1966), students worked with Judkins to explore new compositional techniques, using apps, computers, instruments and found materials to create new works, performing them in the Gallery.

“We’re both born and bred in Bow and have lived in the area all our lives, this is the first time we’ve ever been to the gallery. We’ve been here in the past when it was the old library, but that was a long time ago. It’s great to see the amazing things that kids can see and learn by coming on trips, we never had these opportunities. It was great to see our grandson perform in the gallery and be a part of this special project he’s part of. We’ll definitely bring him here for days out with us, your days for families sound good and it seems like there’s lots to see here!”

Audience and family member

“Art can be sound, technology, and painting. Art can be lots of different things. It was very exciting to perform in the gallery and all of us working together. It was hard work, we had to listen to each other carefully and remember who does what next, and everyone was watching us. It’s great to have an audience.”

Spike, 9 years old