Banjos at Dawn

The interview – an invaluable historical tool or a perpetuation of the cult of celebrity? The first Banjos at Dawn in the series saw Gilda Williams and Julian Stallabrass take up opposing positions, while Sally O’Reilly ensured etiquette was observed.

Banjos at Dawn 2: Cultural Diversity
4 November 2010

Third Text presented a discussion on cultural diversity in the arts, with Bonnie Greer (for) and Munira Mirza (against), chaired by Richard Dyer, Assistant Editor. This event coincided with the launch of Cultural Diversity: The Case for Creativity, by Richard Appignanesi, Third Text Publications.

Banjos at Dawn 3
10 March 2010

The third and final bout of Banjos at Dawn curbed its previously antagonistic nature, instead promoting a collaborative dialogue between divergent disciplines. Departing from a single image in the current John Stezaker exhibition, Sally O’Reilly and Professor of Philosophy Howard Caygill enacted, in front of a live audience, the much strived for state of praxis. Each presented theories, observations and wild conjecture – evidenced by artefacts, images, texts and anecdotes with the aim of bringing the abstract and the specific together in a spoken essay.