2014: Fraser Muggeridge

  • Fraser Muggeridge
  • 2014 Fraser Muggeridge
  • Whitechapel Gallery at Welling School with typographer, Fraser Muggeridge.

Renowned for his innovative exhibition catalogues and books, graphic designer Fraser Muggeridge (b. 1973) worked with a group of 16 year old Graphic Design students from Welling School to creatively reinvent alphabets and typography.

The final exhibition of the project showcases a stencilled alphabet designed and printed using a manual mimeograph machine – alongside materials such as stencil lettering tools and guides.

Fraser Muggeridge graduated from the University of Reading in 1995, where he studied Typography and Graphic Communication. He is director of Fraser Muggeridge Studio in London producing publications with artists and cultural institutions. Recent publications include books with Barbara Kruger, Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Jeremy Deller and Vienna Actionism. He teaches at Camberwell College of Art and The University of Reading. Since 2010 he has run the Typography Summer School in London and since 2013 in New York.

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Fraser Muggeridge discusses Mimeographica Alphabetica

Typography Workshop at Welling School

Day One
Fraser introduced himself and the world of Typography to the students, the how, why and where it is used with examples of historical and social context alongside technical vocabulary. Using the information from the introduction, students fill in the gaps of different fonts as accurately as possible with a whole group discussion and evaluation of the work they’ve created. Using Fraser’s wealth of stencilling and font resources, each student selects at random two letters and experiments with stencilling tools to start creating their unique letter forms.

Day Two
Using Fraser’s books for inspiration, photocopying, cutting, ripping, folding, drawing, manipulating ideas to create different versions of individual’s letter forms. Creating a stencil out of these ideas then turning them into screen prints, experimenting with different designs, inks and papers.

Day Three
Introduction to a variety of print techniques including Spirit Duplicating, Risograph and Mimeograph to create a new set of stencils inspired by the screen printing activity of the previous day and experimenting with these techniques using the stencils.

Day Four
Final realisation using the student’s letter designs, creating a series of Mimeograph prints to be exhibited alongside Fraser’s work in the Gallery.

Day Five
Students visit the Whitechapel Gallery to see their work alongside Frasers in the Mimeographica Alphabetica exhibition. They also visit Richard Tuttle’s retrospective titled I Don’t Know. The Weave of Textile Language. Aldgate Press is another key stop to see a real working printing press, followed by a visit to Fraser’s studio and to experience the day to day running of a busy graphic design studio.

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