2014: Fraser Muggeridge and Welling School

Masterclasses at Whitechapel Gallery Fraser Muggeridge

Fraser Muggeridge and Welling School, Bexley, Year 12

Students worked with London based Graphic Designer Fraser Muggeridge to explore typography, graphic design and manual printing techniques.

Using traditional stencilling, lettering tools and mimeograph machines, together they created an exhibition titledMimeographica Alphabetica (4 October – 30 November 2016) which explored the relationship between letter and image.

“Fraser delivered expert background knowledge and practical skills, his equipment and expertise was essential, it’s inspiring for the students to work with someone so well known in the field.” Teacher, Welling School

“It’s a prestigious collaboration for us which will be publicised on our website, during open days and in our publication ‘ae’. The positive start to their course will have an impact on uptake and enthusiasm for the subject and faculty.” Teacher, Welling School 

“It was a really good experience. The process from beginning to end, the display in the Gallery at the end was really inspiring! To see the different stages and then the finished product in the Gallery, yeah!” Student, Welling School

I know what a Serif is now, and I know how letters are designed. When I found out we were going to have our work in the Gallery – it’s a thing to be proud of! Not everyone gets that opportunity. Student, Welling School


Fraser Muggeridge on Mimeographica Alphabetica

Fraser Muggeridge talks about the 'Mimeographica Alphabetica' project in this short film.