Project: Whitechapel Gallery Staff Portrait Studio

A group of young people from across London joined Lady Lucy to consider the ‘institutional portrait’ – works commissioned by organisations to represent their staff. They set-up a portrait studio and invited the staff of Whitechapel Gallery to sit as Lucy and the group captured them in watercolour. Lady Lucy introduced an institutional chart showing the entire staffing structure of the Gallery, and the group used this as a map into the workings of the organisation. Each sitting combined conversation and portraiture and was heavily influenced by interviews and chat show formats.

Portraits by:

Rafid Arman, Raynne Bushell, Jenny Chong, Ali Hussain, Habiba Khatun, Parisa Khonsari, Becca Murphy, Zuzanna Pinczewska, Qing Sun, Tamanya Thorpe-Slater, Kitty Wallace, Mhairi Wyles-Lang