• Childrens Art Commission, Simon and Tom Bloor

The educational and social benefits of the arts have long been recognised. They can refine cognitive, creative and critical thinking skills, develop self-expression, strengthen problem solving and heighten self-esteem.

The arts teach and embed valuable life skills such as working co-operatively, articulating a vision, and thinking outside the box.

We are proud to be part of Tower Hamlet’s vibrant and culturally diverse community. However, 66% of the borough is classified as deprived and has some of the highest levels of child poverty in the UK. Our partners are vital to delivering our groundbreaking education, community and access programmes.

As a corporate partner, donor or sponsor, your support will make a real difference to the thousands of people we work with.

Being a partner with the Whitechapel Gallery will:

  • Enhance the impact of your support for your educational, charitable and community partners
  • Extend the impact of your current corporate citizenship to the thousands who benefit from the Gallery’s wide ranging work with schools, charities, families and community groups from some of the most deprived areas of London
  • Provide staff training and engagement opportunities

For more information about working with the Whitechapel Gallery, please contact

The Development Team
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