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These artists were selected from over 2,600 entries by a panel of experts including collector Maria Bukhtoyarova, artist Shezad Dawood, curator and art historian Christine Eyene, gallerist Stephan Tanbin Sastrawidjaja, with Whitechapel curators Emily ButlerInês Costa and Wells Fray-Smith.

The exhibition features works made since 2018 in all media including painting, sculpture, print, photography, film, sound, digital media, performance and installation.

Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi,

Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi

Work credits in order from left to right: Chloe Abrahams, And then it got a bit weird (still), 2021, three-channel video installation; Baff Akoto, LEAVE THE EDGES (still), 2020, single-channel video © Recurring Dreams; Nicole Bachmann, a circle whispering dot, 2019, performance with Sonya Cullingford, Patricia Langa and Legion Seven at Mimosa House, London © Nicole Bachmann. Courtesy of the artist and VITRINE London/Basel; Jordan Baseman, A Different Kind of Different (Production Still 11a), 2020. Courtesy the artist and Matt’s Gallery, London; Helen Benigson, Jude (still), 2020, HD video; Marija Bozinovska Jones, Beginningless Mind (still), 2020, video © Marija Bozinovska Jones;  Henry/Bragg, Two Little Boys, 2019, photograph from the series Absence of Evidence, in collaboration with An Untold Story – Voices; Hazel Brill, Shonisaurus Popularis, 2018, mixed media video installation. Installation view at Turf projects, London, 2018; Gareth Cadwallader, Shave, 2020, oil on canvas; Rory Cahill & George Mackness, PLAZA (still), 2020, video; Ami Clarke, Lag Lag Lag, 8 screen video/live data analysis in The Underlying, commissioned by arebyte gallery, 2019; William Cobbing, (still), 2020; Sonya Dyer, Andromeda Mission: Anarcha Prototype II, 2019, Fibreglass, polyurethane foam, PVC foam board, MDF, mild steel, aluminium, Black 2.0 acrylic paint. Photo: Jules Lister; Eva Fàbregas, Polyphilia, 2020-ongoing, acrylic gouache on sugar paper; Jason File, Wish You Were Here, 2018, Postcards in functioning postcard stands.  Photo: Cary Whittier; Beth Fox, The Funniest Thing (still), 2019, video. © Beth Fox; Ian Giles, After BUTT, 2018, Digital Film Projection and Mattresses, Installation view, commissioned by Chelsea Space, funded by Arts Council England and Hospitalfield. Photo: Rob Harris, Courtesy the artist; Patrick Goddard, Catacomb of Bones (detail), 2019, Cyanotype on wood with chewing gums; Sunil Gupta, 5 December 2020, from the series New Street Pictures, 2020, photography. Courtesy the artist and Hales Gallery, Stephen Bulger Gallery and Vadehra Art Gallery © Sunil Gupta. All Rights Reserved, DACS 202; Eloise Hawser, A Divided Kingdom: Tues 13:10:2020, 2020,(The Sun, front pages of the pandemic) found lithographic plates © Eloise Hawser; Sandi Hudson-Francis, In a Landscape (still), 2019, film; Asuf Ishaq, Mother (still), 2020, HD Film; Juliana Kasumu, What Does the Water Taste Like? (still), 2020, mixed-media installation © Juliana Kasumu; Marianne Keating, A Beautiful Dream, Installation View, The Moon Is Right Over My Head, Black Tower Projects, London 2020. Photo © Black Tower Projects, London; Seema Khalique, Guardian, from the project Ma (Mother), 2020, photography © Seema Khalique; Dawoon Kim, Practice (Mirrored) I, 2019, c-type print; Julianknxx, Untitled (In Praise Of Still Boys), 2020, photographic print. Courtesy of the artist © Studioknxx; Paula Morison, Time Well Spent, 2019. Photo: Jeff Lam; Inês Neto dos Santos, Placing what surrounds us into the inside of us, performative meal at Expedition Empathy, Walk & Talk Azores, 2019. Photo: Sara Pinheiro; Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi, What My Eyes Behold is Simultaneous, 2019, installation view at SITE Galleries, Chicago. Courtesy: the artist and SITE Galleries, Chicago. Photo: Jacobo Zambrano Rangel; Gerard Ortín Castellví, Agrilogística (still), 2021, Installation; Janette Parris, Catching Up (still), 2020, digital drawing animation © Janette Parris; Will Pham, Little Vietnam, 2019, super 8 transfer to digital, Installation view at Turf Projects. Photo: Tim Bowditch; Madeleine Pledge, Stretch, Installation view, Flatland Projects, Hastings, 2019. Photo: Edward Bishop; Candida Powell-Williams, Lessness still Quorum, performance documentation, 2018. Photo: Rob Harris; Hussina Raja, Tareq, photograph, 80s’ to Lately exhibition, 2018; Alicia Reyes McNamara, Eye to eye, 2020, pastel and colored pencil on paper; Maria Roy Deulofeu, Hollow Earth, Fired Ceramic Vases, 2020, sculpture; Mohammed Sami, Family Gathering I, 2021, Acrylic on linen. Courtesy the artist; Peter Spanjer, Make Me Safe (still), 2020, HD Video; Anna Chrystal Stephens, Utility Cloak, 2019, repurposed tents, found and handmade camping materials and tools; Milly Thompson, Deep Vogueing, 2020, acrylic, gouache and ink on canvas; Michelle Williams Gamaker, The Bang Straws, 2021, super 16mm Film transferred to digital; Ben Yau, The Spectre if A world Which Could Be Free (II), 2019, photocopy paper, newsprint, semi-gloss photo paper, acetate; Abbas Zahedi, Rose & STEMM, 2019. Performance documentation of An Alternative Map of the Universe at Guest Projects, 2019. Photo: Kat Perlak; Rafał Zajko, Lazarus II, III, IV (detail), 2020, valchromat, glazed ceramics, lights, acrylic domes, bolts, acrylic tube, dyed wheat, barley, flour. Photo: Corey Bartle-Sanderson