Workshops and Summer School 2

Workshops and Summer School

Each season Maria Fusco invited a different artist or writer to lead a practical evening workshop based on experimental approaches to art writing. In August 2009 an intensive three-day Summer School focused on the production, reception and distribution of art writing, led by Maria Fusco and Francesco Pedraglio, writer, editor and curator.


Art Writing Summer School
Tuesday 18, Wednesday 19 & Thursday 20 August

‘Does the angle between two walls have a happy ending?’  – J.G. Ballard
An intensive three-day summer school focusing on the production, reception and distribution of art writing. Divided into writing, editing and publishing – this practical course invited participants to consider and develop their own writing in relation to a selection of contemporary art works, giving emphasis to texts which are experimental and experiential in form.

The Summer School culminated in a limited edition poster publication produced throughout the three days by and for the participants. Led by Maria Fusco, editor, lecturer and Writer-in-Residence, and Francesco Pedraglio, writer, editor and curator.

Download a PDF of the limited edition publication: IT WAS STAGED, IT WAS HUNG, IT WAS ART


Past Workshops

Workshop with Melissa Gronlund: How to Describe Objects
Thursday 26 November
This practical workshop led by Melissa Gronlund, art critic & Managing Editor, Afterall, looks at different approaches to critical art writing, and in particular the relationship of the critic to the object he or she describes. What changes in the translation from object to text, and what risks and possibilities does this afford?


Textual Errors
Thursday 30 July
Led by Neil Chapman, artist and writer, this workshop explored an assemblage of terms: textual error; broken text; writing fragment; word-entropy – asking how new textual practices might be established on the basis of writing’s flaws. Initiating practical experiments with participants, this workshop sought to expose a generative potential in the writing of error.


Art Writing vs Flash Fiction
Thursday 28 May
Using the Gallery space as textual source material, this practical workshop led by Writer-in-Residence Maria Fusco, worked with flash fiction as a method of writing with art.