Escape the Slick

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Project (Sep 2022 – May 2023)

In September 2022, Duchamp & Sons began collaborating with artist and D&S alumn Gaby Sahhar to explore ideas around public space.

Over a period of four months of workshops, walks, and conversations, the collective examined the immediate environment around Whitechapel Gallery, considering the value systems local public spaces are built upon, and asking questions about access, affordability and the lack of spaces for young people to hang out and express themselves.

From this they curated Escape the Slick, running January – August 2023, an immersive environment and exhibition asking visitors ‘what should public space feel like?’. The group designed the space to reject the slickness and polish of modern architecture, and instead embrace comfort and self-expression, blurring the lines between public and private space.

Visitors have been invited to take a seat on the second-hand sofas populating the space, contribute to the community notice board, chat to one another, and explore the objects and visual references sourced from the local area at their own pace.

From February – April 2023 Duchamp & Sons began working collaboratively to devise a public event inspired by Escape the Slick. Aiming to create a night of good vibes, which gave visitors a chance to connect to the themes of the exhibition, have a good time, and meet fellow young creatives they hosted the Escape the Slick: Youth Takeover on the 6 April 2023.

The takeover featured performances by emerging writers in the Escape the Slick exhibition space, a panel discussion about developing work as a young creative, a ‘corner shop’ with free drinks and snacks, collaging, and a DJ set.

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Escape the Slick

13 January – 6 August 2023


Escape the Slick Takeover

6 April, 6.30 – 9pm