Escape the Slick

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    Escape The Slick, Whitechapel Gallery, London, 13 January–August 2023. Photo:Damian Griffiths

Past Exhibition

This exhibition was on 13 January - 6 August 2023

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Escape the Slick

13 January – 6 August 2023

What should public space feel like? How do we find comfort, character and community in it?

These questions underpin an immersive environment created by Duchamp & Sons, Whitechapel Gallery’s youth collective, and London-based artist Gaby Sahhar.

Over a period of four months of workshops, walks, and conversations, the collective has examined the immediate environment around Whitechapel Gallery, considering the value systems local public spaces are built upon, and asking questions about access, affordability and the lack of spaces for young people to hang out and express themselves.

You are invited to take a seat in this space, which rejects the slickness and polish of modern architecture, and instead embraces comfort and self-expression, blurring the lines between public and private space.

Contribute to our community notice board, chat to a friend, make a new one, think about what public space means to you, or simply take a moment to pause.

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About Duchamp & Sons

Duchamp & Sons is a collective of 15-24 year olds from across London who meet regularly to experiment with art, curate exhibitions and events, and share space for food and conversation.

Escape the Slick was collaboratively curated by D&S Members Amir, Cartier, Constança, Danielle, Elizabeth, Elliott, Emily, Erika, Freya, Georgie, Iarla, Jasmine D-C, Jasmine S-A, Jemila, Joshua, Josserose, Michael, Miranda, Ruth, Shannay, Shree, and Yulin.

About Gaby Sahhar

Gaby Sahhar is a French-Palestinian artist based in London, working across painting, film and installation. Their work deconstructs the representation of queerness within public spheres to understand its wider impacts on queer consciousness and communities. Drawing on language and vulnerability as tools, their work aims to generate conversations around value systems, affordability and access within inner city cultures. They employ speculative storytelling to outline the different ways in which cities serve the interests of patriarchal capitalist identities to the detriment of others.

Solo exhibitions include MAC VAL, Paris / The Kooples Art Prize (2023); PAGE (NYC), New York (2022); and group exhibitions include Fragment Gallery, New York (2022); Sadie Coles HQ, London (2022).

Gaby is also an alum of Duchamp & Sons.

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Iwona Blazwick Artistic Ambition Fund

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