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Nocturnal Creatures 2021

Free late-night arts festival

17 Jul 2021

IMAGE 5 – Rose and STEMM 2019 – CREDIT Kat Perlak (1)

Nocturnal Creatures: Abbas Zahedi

Brick Lane Foundation

17 Jul 2021

Candida Powell Williams, Capel ManorPicture – David Bebber

Nocturnal Creatures: Candida Powell-Williams

Orbit within the echoes

17 Jul 2021

Inês Neto dos Santos – Walk&Talk 2019 – photo by Sara Pinheiro (1)

Nocturnal Creatures: Inês Neto dos Santos

Beans (a love letter)

17 Jul 2021

Black Corporeal (Between this Air) Untitled 3 Courtesy of the artist ©Studioknxx (1)

Nocturnal Creatures: Julianknxx

Black Corporeal (Between This Air)

17 Jul 2021

Nocturnal Creatures: Nicole Bachmann

along the rims 

17 Jul 2021

Time Well Spent 5_selected

Nocturnal Creatures: Paula Morison

Time Well Spent

17 Jul 2021

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Whitechapel Lates: All exhibitions free from 6-9pm today!

Please note: Unfortunately, our lift is currently out of service owing to an operational fault.