Numbi Fest 2024-2025 - Theme Launch

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    Numbi Somali Museum Atelier. Photo: Visual Nomad Nadia Issa 

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This event was on Saturday 15 June, 6-11pm

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Numbi Fest 2024-2025: AROOS

AROOS: Ceremony, a ritual of belonging.  

“You must marry your soul. 
That wedding is the way.”
– Mawlan Jalaluddin Rumi 

Launching the theme of Aroos for Numbi Fest 2024-2025, join us for a vibrant festival programme of live performance across dance, poetry, literature, visual arts, music and soundscape.  

Aroos explores the figurative and metaphorical development of wedding ceremony and ritual in Somali culture, to understand its role in the formation and expression of identity and belonging. The programme blurs boundaries between ‘tradition’ and ‘modernity’ in the context of globalism, diaspora and coloniality. At the nexus of many global narratives of place and belonging, Somali culture is uniquely placed to explore these ideas. 

At the heart of Numbi is an attempt to create cultural dialogue, understanding and offer opportunities for the community. 

In partnership with Numbi Arts.
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Please note: our spaces have limited capacities and the event will operate on a first come first served basis. Arrive early to avoid disappointment.  

Programme Schedule


6.00  Welcome

6.15 Talk: Weddings as Living Archives, with Hodan Elmi

6.45  Film: Cross-currents: Somali life on film from 1970s -1990s

Gallery 2

6.00  DJ Elmi Original, Henna, Photobooth

7.00  Welcome

7.20  Presentations: Numbi Arts Young Participants

7.35  Poetry: Ayan Aden and Nomadic Libaax

8.10  Talk: Zainab Dahir on AROOS – Dhaqan, wedding cultures and Youm Al Arafat

8.30  Dance & Poetry: Canab Cuud & Special Guests

8.50  Poetry: Sukina Noor

9.10  Break

9.50  Music: Qaraami Ensemble

10.30  Music: MoYah