Big Ideas: Sophie K Rosa

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This event was on Thu 16 Nov, 7pm

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Big Ideas: Sophie K Rosa

Writer and journalist Sophie K Rosa delivers the latest Big Ideas lecture, drawing on ideas from her recent book Radical Intimacy. 

Capitalist ideology wants us to believe that there is an optimal way to live. ‘Making connections’ means networking for work. Our emotional needs are to be fulfilled by a single romantic partner, and self-care equates to taking personal responsibility for our suffering. We must be productive and heterosexual, we must have babies and buy a house.  

Transcending love and sex under capitalism to move towards feminist, decolonial and queer thinking, Sophie K Rosa demands we use our radical imagination to discover a new form of intimacy and to transform our personal lives and in turn society as a whole. 

Supported by the Stanley Picker Trust. 

About Sophie K Rosa

Sophie K Rosa is a writer and the author of Radical Intimacy (Pluto Press; 2023). She is Novara Media’s advice columnist, and has just begun training in psychoanalysis. She has written for the Guardian, Buzzfeed, VICE, Al Jazeera, Aeon and CNN. In 2018, she was openDemocracy’s feminist investigative journalism fellow, producing a series of articles tracking the backlash against women’s and LGBTQIA+ rights.

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