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  • Image of Engineering Theatre AKHE performance Polychrome, 2014

    Engineering Theatre AKHE, Polychrome, 2014, photo: Vladimir Telegin

Past Event

This event was on Thu 15 Sep, 8pm

Russian theatre collective Engineering Theatre AKHE present a unique immersive performance as special guests at CABARET KULTURA with V-A-C Live (15-17 September 2016)a series of events inspired by Russian early-twentieth century avant-garde theatre.

Taking place in Russian artist Sergey Sapozhnikov’s site-specific stage design, Engineering Theatre AKHE’s DEMOKRATIYA II combines dazzling actions, iconoclastic gestures and political speeches to create a chaotic cultural layering.

With additional performances by Joanna Dudley, Sasha Pirogova, Alevtina Kakhidze and Alexandra Galkina, introduced by Dusty Limits.

Ticket price includes a free drink courtesy of ZIMA Russian Street Food and Bar. Cabaret-style seating (non-reserved).


Joanna Dudley and William Kentridge stage A Guided Tour of the Exhibition: For Soprano with Handbag. Conceived by the Berlin-based performer and singer with the South African artist, this work gives a voice to the works in the exhibition William Kentridge: Thick Time, fighting against interpretation, demanding their right to be provisional and unstable.

Sasha Pirogova’s choreographic intervention plants dancers throughout the audience who weave through the space to create a parallel dimension of movement and meaning.

Engineering Theatre AKHE present DEMOKRATIYA II

Alevtina Kakhidze acts as a compère of art-world insider knowledge, whispering rumours and stories with the audience to create Again About the Artists in 3 Acts.

Alexandra Galkina performs Feast In Shot Stories as the avatar-masked DJ Galqueena, exploring a hundred years of artists’ music through the lens of avant-garde pioneers shown on screen.

About Engineering Theatre AKHE
Engineering Theatre AKHE Portrait. Photo Vladimir Telegin

Engineering Theatre AKHE. Photo Vladimir Telegin

AKHE was founded in 1989 in Saint-Petersburg by Maksim Isaev, Pavel Semtchenko and Vadim Vasiliev, three members of the Boris Ponizovsky’s Yes – No Theatre Group. They started working in the fields of performance, cinema and fine art, establishing themselves as an independent art group, in both style and form.

Since 1996, AKHE has developed into an established theatre collective, now with six key members. The group has participated in various progressive festivals across the world, including Golden Mask, Russia; Lalka Też Człowiek, Poland; Edinburgh Fringe, UK; Bellone-Bridgitines, Brussels; Perigueux Theatre Festival, France; and Busan International Performing Arts Festival, Korea.