Family Day: Queer Spaces 1980s – Today

  • Whitechapel Gallery Live Art for Children and Families Jessie McLaughlin Low Res-24

    Jessie McLaughlin, Live Art for Children and Families. Photo by Rob Harris.

Sat 25 May, 12 – 4pm

Creative Studio

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How can we make spaces where we feel safe? To talk, to play, to be ourselves and embrace our differences?

Help us queer the gallery by joining fun activities led by our current Writer in Residence Rachel Pimm and artist Jessie McLaughlin, inspired by our archive gallery exhibition Queer Spaces 1980s – Today.

Create your own temporary tattoos to celebrate bodies and the beauty of difference, make protective charms, dance together, play together, think and talk about the importance of queer spaces and how we can sustain them.

For families with children of all ages.

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