Hassan Khan

  • Hassan Khan Live at Portikus, Frankfurt, 2015, Photo by Helena Schlichti...

    Hassan Khan live at Portikus, Frankfurt, 2015. Photo: Helena Schlichti. Courtesy of the artist.

Past Event

This event was on 17 October, 4pm

Hassan Khan’s renowned performances bring together his pre-recorded compositions with live improvisation. He has worked with a diverse range of instruments including vocalists, brass ensembles, string quartets, the various instruments of a classical Arabic music takht, programmed Gamelan, group clapping and Piano. Using his own system, which features an ever-changing array of mixers, filters, processors, virtual synthesizers and live mics, Khan produces an evolving dialogue between composition and interpretation.


Hassan Khan is an artist, musician and writer who lives and works in Cairo, Egypt. Before beginning to exhibit his work in art spaces in the late 1990s, Khan was deeply involved in Cairo’s alternative cultural scene and is considered a pioneer in both the fields of experimental music and video.

Please note that there are only 150 tickets available

Doors open 30 minutes before performance starts. This is a standing event, with limited seating provided on request

Conceived in association with: Guest Curator Tom Trevor.

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