Rhys Chatham

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    Rhys Chatham. Photo: Paula Court

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Past Event

This event was on 28 November, 4pm

Rhys Chatham performs a solo set in which his voice, trumpet, electric guitar, alto and C flutes, are played through multiple digital recordings and delays. The set is strongly influenced by early minimalism and the NoWave scene  at CBGBs, Max’s Kansas City, and the Mudd Club in New York during the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Doors open 30 minutes before performance starts. This is a standing event, with limited seating provided on request


Rhys Chatham is a composer, guitarist and trumpet player. Chatham was introduced to electronic music and composition by Morton Subotnick in the late 1960s, and in the early ‘70s he studied composition with American artist musician La Monte Young and played in Tony Conrad’s early group. Chatham’s instrumentation ranges from the seminal composition composed in 1977 entitled Guitar Trio for three electric guitars, electric bass and drums, to his recent composition for 200 electric guitars, Crimson Grail, which was commissioned by the City of Paris for La Nuit Blanche Festival in 2005.

Conceived in association with: Guest Curator Tom Trevor.

In partnership with:
The Vinyl Factory



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