Kihlberg & Henry: Speaking Buildings

  • Kihlberg & Henry, Slow Violence, 2018, production still. Courtesy of the artist

Past Event

This event was on Thu 27 Sep, 7pm

Featuring the London premiere of their provocative new commission Slow Violence, this presentation of five short works by the artist filmmaker duo Kihlberg & Henry explores their visually striking, intellectually rigorous, cross-disciplinary practice. Followed by a Q&A with the artists and Matthew de Pulford, Curator, Whitstable Biennale.


Inbindable Volume (2010) 15 minutes

Inbindable Volume is a three-channel video installation filmed in Birmingham’s iconic Central Library (John Madin 1974), the city’s most infamous example of Brutalist architecture. The work is an exploration of the journey between conception and materialisation, and what becomes of ideologies after they have been realised in material form.

Commissioned by VIVID and supported by Arts Council England Touring, The Henry Moore Foundation, Birmingham Cultural Partnerships, Jan van Eyck Academy.

Analytical Chronology of Three Dimensions (2011) 4 minutes

Analytical Chronology of Three Dimensions is an experiment in developing a cinematic grammar based on the spatial-temporal properties of lingual grammar. Grammatical tenses become camera movements as a series of tenses applied to simple verbs are expressed in relation to various types of space: the abstract mathematical space expressed in a geometry textbook, the physical space of a building, its architectural maquette, and the projected space of the video itself.

Made during a residency at Wysing Arts Centre.

A Mountain Close Up is Only Rock (2016) 13 minutes

Mountain Close Up is Only Rock is an archaeology of architect Jørn Utzon’s digital footprint, focusing on the scant online presence of a house he built on Mallorca. Citing Utzon’s distant relationship with the Sydney Opera House, which he never saw complete, and research into brain growth in London taxi drivers while studying The Knowledge, the video treads a thin line between the physical and the digital by asking if one can visit an architecture from a distance.

A Mountain Close Up is Only Rock is co-commissioned by CANVAS and FACT, supported by and Channels Festival.

Apeirophobic Framework (2015) 6 minutes excerpt

A staged discussion between the artists takes place in tandem with a series of floating shots of objects and images scattered around their studio. They discuss Apeirophobia, meaning fear of the future or fear of infinity, as a strategy for approaching an event with simultaneous relationship to its past, present and future.

Slow Violence (2018) 30 minutes

To consider images as violent is to consider them as an environmental force that changes its subjects at a pace impossible to capture in a single image, which is where the term Slow Violence originates. Melting together a lecture, an exhibition and the delivery of a manifesto, the work forwards a series of methodologies for dealing with a city which delivers violence as a relentless and glacial barrage of images, images which contradict their violence through their aesthetic contents.

Commissioned by Whitstable Biennale 2018 funded by Arts Council England and the Elephant Trust.

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