Modern Cockney Festival

  • Speak Cockney Day_Photo credit - Speak Cockney Day 2023 (S. Osmani)

    Speak Cockney Day 2023, Pearly King of Woolwich Clive Bennett. Photo: S. Osmani

Past Event

This event was on Sat 16 Mar 2024, 12-5pm

Access Information

Children & Families
Modern Cockney Festival

Suitable for all ages. Children must be supervised by an adult.

Join British-Bangladeshi artist Saif Osmani for a facilitated creative workshop inspired by the textile heritage of the Pearly Kings and Queens.

What to expect from the drop-in workshop…

Create your own Pearly-inspired motif. Gain insight from the clothes worn by the Pearly Kings and Queens and create your own personalised design in the form of a bowler hat, a Middle-Eastern burka or a Scottish Kilt.

 Make your own Cockney Chat badge. Inspired by the Tube Chat badge, print your own Cockney Chat badge to take any with you.

 Create your own foldable ’zine. Take a cockney character on a journey through drawing, collage and text inside your very own publication.

The Modern Cockney Festival 2024 is an exciting nation-wide programme of Cockney-themed events taking place from 3 March-4 April 2024.


For more info about the Festival Visit the festival website


About Saif Osmani

Saif Osmani is a local artist and co-founder of the Bengali East End Heritage Society. He established the Modern Cockney Festival with Andy Green from Grow Social Capital CIC. Running in its 2nd year, the festival seeks to celebrate and debate topics around localised British cultures and our shared heritages. Saif was born in Whitechapel and has a socially-engaged arts practice that spans fine arts and architectural design. He has shown exhibitions across the UK with interests including cultural revival, collective storytelling and the co-production process.

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