A queer sci-fi video opera by FYTA

  • Orfeas photo by Andreas Simopoulos, design by Margarita Athanasiou

    ORFEAS. Photo by Andreas Simopoulos, design by Margarita Athanasiou

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  • Fantasmata still
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This event was on 24 September | 3pm

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ORFEAS 2021: A queer sci-fi video opera by FYTA

24 September 2022 | 3pm | £5

The first gay prime minister of Greece struggles to carry the legacy of LGBT history at a time of post-truth alt-right dystopia, while a mysterious algorithm of the collective unconscious and heavy-handed tradition of “the land of heroes” proves unshakable. Will liberal Europe provide an alternative or is it just another platform for neo-reactionary culture wars?

ORFEAS 2021 is a retro-futurist story of utopian politics, ideological conflicts, supernatural leaders and totalitarian spectacle, where cyberpunk queer pirates are pitched against rainbow homo-capitalist normies. The film explores post-internet identity politics through a contemporary take on the ancient Greek myth of Orpheus.

This film is the first queer opera in Greek, a post-modern experimental work, oscillating between baroque melodrama, DIY collage, post-internet and VR/AI aesthetics.

The opera is influenced by and dedicated to the memory of Zak Kostopoulos/Zackie Oh, a queer performer and activist, murdered in 2018 in the centre of Athens.

The  UK premiere of ORFEAS 2021 will be followed by a conversation with  Foivos Dousos & Fil Ieropoulos (aka FYTA) and Librettist Andriana Minou, hosted by Nayia Yiakoumaki, Director of the Hellenic Centre in London.

Presented in collaboration with community partner Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest:a week of boundary-pushing film, art, performance, and community to London 20-25 September

About: FYTA

FYTA (meaning: plants) is a conceptual audio-textual performance and curation duo. some of the central concerns of FYTA are: a rethinking of notions of the ‘radical’ in political art, the debunking of myths of hellenism and hellenic influences in the Western canon, the relationship between underground grassroots art movements and institutions and the queer art of failure as a somatic expression of resistance. FYTA have curated a number of (usually performance-based) shows working closely with the queer communities in Athens, Berlin and London, as well as produced their own artifacts, ranging from music albums, fauxcumentaries, poetry and installations. FYTA is composed of Fil Ieropoulos and Foivos Dousos.


About: Fil Ieropoulos (Director, Editor & Composer)
Fil Ieropoulos was born in Athens in 1978 and grew up in northern Greece. He studied film, cultural studies and communication at the University of North London and Media Arts at Westminster University. In 2010 he completed his PhD in Arts and Communication with a specialisation in film poetry at the University of Kent. Since 2003 he has been a Senior Lecturer at Buckinghamshire New University, where he teaches video art, film theory and animation. He has participated in festivals, exhibitions and conferences in Greece, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, the US, working with the Greek National Opera, Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Neuköllner Oper, Athens Biennale, the Onassis Institute, Freud Museum, the Athens School of Fine Arts etc. His work includes films, devised happenings and performances. In 2021 he directed ORFEAS2021, a queer adaptation of Claudio Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo commissioned by the Greek National Opera. The film had its debut at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival and has since had screenings in art spaces and film festivals around the world. ORFEAS2021 was nominated at the Hellenic Film Awards.
About: Foivos Dousos (Co-Writer)
Foivos Dousos completed his PhD on narcissism in new media cultures in 2019. He was a contributing curator for the Athens Biennale and was a founding member of Sound Acts Festival, the Athens Museum of Queer Arts (AMOQA) and the publishing iniative Queer Ink. Foivos has also published poetry in Greek and English under the alias Tyfoid and is currently working on the intersection between creative writing and machine learning.
About: Andriana Minou (Librettist & Composer)

Andriana Minou is a musician and writer, born in Greece and living in London since 2004. She works mainly as a pianist and is the founder of the Vladimir&Estragon Piano Duo and the Oiseaux Bizarres Ensemble. Andriana holds a BA in Piano Performance (University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki), an MA in Performing Arts (Middlesex University, London) and a PhD in Piano Performance Practice (Goldsmiths, University of London). As an academic researcher she has organised the 1st International Jani Christou Conference (London, 2013) and has presented her work at IRCAM, Centre Pompidou (Paris, 2014). She has written librettos and performance texts for operas and performances presented around the world (Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, Athens etc.). As a composer/songwriter she has released albums with the DIY label FYTINI (as Delicassetten Machimenai and andrianette) and composed music for various performances, films and theatrical plays. Her work as a writer and poet has been published by Strange Days Books, The Paper Nautilus, Rattle Journal, poetix, Sand Journal, tiny spoon, codepoetry, chimeres, FIVE:2:ONE and more. She is a co-curator of Sand Festival, a DIY literature summer festival in various Greek beaches. Her latest book, ‘The Fabulous Dead’ was recently published by Kernpunkt Press (March 2020, New York), while her book terrallà (Strange Days Books) was recently published in Spanish.