Sculpting Conversations: Sarah + Steph in Situ

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This event was on Wed 23 Aug, 1-3pm

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Sculpting Conversations: Sarah + Steph in Situ

Wednesday 23 August | 1-3pm | Free

All ages

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“It’s not just about talking it’s about language, in lots of different forms, language through movement, touch and sound as well as speech.”

Stephanie Jefferies

Join us in Sculpting Conversations for a relaxed, 2 hour slowdown session.

Sarah and Steph, the artists behind this sensory-seeking and playful project will be in Gallery 7. Come and meet them, ask questions and experience some of the ideas behind the multi-sensory installation. Activate the space through gentle actions, gestures, objects and sounds and get ideas that you can take away and experiment with at home.