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A Listening Eye: The Films of Mike Dibb

  • Dibb Pic with David Hockney drawing Celia Birtwell for Seeing Through Drawing 1976

    David Hockney drawing Celia Birtwell for Seeing Through Drawing, 1976. Courtesy Mike Dibb.

Past Event

This event was on Thu 21 Jan, 7pm


Central to Mike Dibb’s work has been a series of ‘essay films’, designed to catch ideas in action, as they leave the space of theory and become real in the world. These might be with single figures like John Berger or Raymond Williams, or through films investigating the diverse cultures of Latin America, or aspects of cinema history , or more general topics such as the nature of play, creativity or time. For this event he is joined by Yasmin Gunaratnam, Reader in Sociology at Goldsmiths and co-editor of Feminist Review.

Films are available to view in advance from the main homepage A Listening Eye: The Films of Mike Dibb.

Available to view 8-14 Jan

“Once upon a Time” with John Berger, 52′, from About Time, 1983-85, 6 x eps, 52’
Pig Earth, 1979, 50’
Parting Shots from Animals, 1980, 60’
Ways of Seeing, 1972, 4 x eps, 30’

Available to view 15-21 Jan

The Country and City, 1979, 60’
Beyond a Boundary, 1976, 60’
Naturally Creative, 1986-7, 90’
Seeing Through Drawing, 1977-78, 120’
Reflecting Skin, 2004, 50’

Available to view 22-28 Jan

Fields of Play, 1981-82, 5 x eps, 60’
Mirrors of Paradise, 1991-92, 52’
In Pursuit of Don Juan, 1988-89, 75’

About Yasmin Gunaratnam

Yasmin Gunaratnam joined Goldsmiths in 2008. She gained her doctorate and undergraduate degrees from the London School of Economics and her Masters at Royal Holloway. She has authored two books, ‘Researching Race and Ethnicity: methods, knowledge and power’ (Sage, 2003) and ‘Death and the Migrant’ (Bloomsbury Academic, 2013). She is one of the co-authors of ‘Go Home? The Politics of Immigration Controversies’ (Manchester University Press, 2017). Yasmin has edited seven collections including ‘A Jar of Wild Flowers: Essays in Celebration of John Berger’ (Zed Books, 2016). She is on the editorial collectives of Feminist Review and Media Diversified and is a published poet. She is co-director, with Professor Lisa Blackman (Media and Communications), of the Centre for Feminist Research and is a member of the Advisory Groups for Goldsmiths Press and the Environmental Humanities Collaborative (Linköping University).

Yasmin’s academic writing has been published in Body and Society, Dark Matter, European Journal of Women’s Studies, European Journal of Social Theory, Mortality, Sociological Review, Subjectivity, The Lancet, Qualitative Social Work, and Poem. She has also written for The Independent, The Guardian, Open Democracy, The Conversation and Red Pepper.

Dibb Pic 2 with John Berger filming Pig Earth 1979

A Listening Eye: The Films of Mike Dibb

This comprehensive online retrospective offers global audiences a rare opportunity to encounter the work of a filmmaker for whom culture and society, art and life are indivisible.