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    Selection of Books from Ruposhi Bangla Limited

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This event was on 1 July 2022

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Workshop Series

Explore the sounds and textures of different languages through this series of relaxed workshops exploring poetry, language and translation. 

Hosted by the British Bilingual Poetry Collective and facilitated by Eeshita Azad, each workshop will take a different heritage language and explore how meanings change through translation. Each session will welcome a new poet who will share with the group a poem in their chosen language. Languages we will explore together include Bengali, Urdu, Sylheti and Somali, though the workshops are facilitated in English. 

Through these sessions, we hope to build connections with one another by using creative and playful approaches to communication, and work collaboratively together in a supportive and encouraging space. 

The sessions are free, friendly and open to everyone. We particularly welcome those for whom English is a new or second language. 

About the British Bilingual Poetry Collective (BBPC) 

BBPC (British Bilingual Poetry Collective) is formed of poets and poetry lovers, with a focus on multilingual sharing of poetry for the purpose of mental wellbeing and community building. We use poetry as a tool alongside very accessible English to expand on intergenerational connections, explore and celebrate the multicultural heritage of the East London community. Our work involves performance, writing, translation and publication. We are a Community Interest Company based in East London. 




About Eeshita Azad 

Eeshita Azad is a page and stage poet and an arts facilitator with a career spanning fifteen years in New York, London and Dhaka. She is currently the Executive Director of British Bilingual Poetry Collective, a London based poetry collective that specialises on community work around heritage, mental wellbeing and poetry for second language speakers. She was one of the poets-in-residence for Bok Bok Books ‘Sensing Bangladesh: A Children’s Guidebook to Art from Bangladesh’. Her work includes a commissioned poem for The Francis Crick Institute and Poet in the City’s ‘A drop of Hope’ project. Her most recent bespoke poetry workshop was for Bow Arts’ Nunnery Gallery which received high praise from the gallery. Her book of poetry, ‘Elegiac Songs’ by Journeyman Books was published in 2018. 


Friday 1 July, 4-6pm
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Translation Circle