Wild Healing Edges with Rasheeqa Ahmad

  • Assorted green herbs in jars on a table

    Photo: Rasheeqa Ahmad

Past Event

This event was on Thursday 8 February, 6.30pm

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Wild Healing Edges:
Meeting the herbal allies of our city streets

Inspired by Edge Effects, join medical herbalist Rasheeqa Ahmad (Hedge Herbs) for a practical and discursive workshop that considers the weedy edges of our city streets as sites of healing.  

You’ll be introduced to a selection of early spring medicine plants traditionally valued for seasonal health and prepare a remedy to take home. As we make, we will share knowledge together about herbs and health and how these overlooked plants can support our systems, as well as their role in strengthening biodiversity in urban settings. 

About Rasheeqa Ahmad

Rasheeqa Ahmad (Hedge Herbs) is a medical herbalist in her community in Walthamstow in North London. She has been practicing since 2012, offering treatment with herbal medicine and teaching about its many aspects, alongside a wider mix of work whose aim is connecting us as communities with the potential of this knowledge and craft as a way to develop healthier living systems and relationships, and address imbalances and inequalities in our care dynamics. Rasheeqa is an instigator of the Community Apothecary in her locality, a project that brings community members together around a patchwork of medicinal herb gardens where we can learn about growing, wildcrafting and making medicines together, which are then available to the community. The vision is to co-create thriving mutual healthcare systems, sharing knowledge, peer support and the model so that we can create landscapes of healing everywhere.