Children’s Commission 2011: Alan Kane

Home for Orphaned Dishes

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Past Exhibition

Children’s Commission 2011
Alan Kane

03 June – 04 Sept 2011

British artist Alan Kane presents a floor-to-ceiling display of a forgotten moment of popular craft revival. The 1960s and ’70s saw a resurgence in traditional wheel-thrown, glazed stone and slipware pottery in the typical rustic earthy tones of that era. Patted, squeezed, pinched and pressed, these frank ceramics became a fashionable alternative to mass production and modernist design.

Kane invites us to be inspired by, and to contribute to the collection on show by adding pieces of pottery that we find intriguing, unusual or just plain strange. Hunt pottery out in charity shops, rummage in the attic, poke about in the garden shed and search the back of the kitchen cupboards to find once treasured, but now discarded and forgotten pots, bowls, mugs, goblets and vases.