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Community Conversations is a series of discussions prompted by networks, collaborations and friendships developed through the Whitechapel Gallery’s Community Programmes. We want to share the perspectives of the groups we work with and to reflect on a year that revealed the strength, resilience and power of community.

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Community Conversations 1: Kinsi Abdulleh

Numbi and Whitechapel Gallery have a long history of collaboration; our latest project is a series of online reading groups titled Postcards from the Diaspora, curated by Kinsi Abdulleh and supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Art studio 2 Leon - Tirzah, Connie and Sandra

Community Conversations 2: Headway East London

Headway East London is a charity supporting survivors of brain injury. In their collaborations with Whitechapel and other institutions, they challenge assumptions about who can be recognised as an artist.


Community Conversations 3: Moshoda Khatun

Moshoda Khatun is an Outreach and Participation Worker at City Gateway. In this conversation, she brings her own life story to bear on the importance of community services dedicated to women, and about how art can help develop our confidence and independence.