Drawing on research into Himalayan animistic rituals and remedies, ancestors of the blue moon is a collection of flash fictions by Whitechapel Gallery Writer in Residence Himali Singh Soin, written from the perspective of remote or forgotten deities.

Flowing through our contemporary timescape, recounting the world they witness, these deities arise from mystical geometries, old new materialism and spirit realism. They are protected by rites of secrecy or left out of the archives, they are invisible and formless, they are incarnated as ruined objects, dangerous aspects or shadowy energies.’

Signifying the rare blue moon that transforms linear time into mythical time, the texts will be shared through a total of 13 dispatches – a number that echoes in the Tibetan Buddhist conception of the astral planes of existence.  A live multi-media performance with the collective Hylozoic/Desires in 2021 will mark the culmination of the residency. 

Himali would like to thank scholarly goddess and research guru of Himalayan religions and art, Rebecca Bloom.

Please Note: We recommend this page is viewed in Safari. The texts can also be accessed here: intro; i.; ii.; iii.; iv.; v.; vi.; vii.; viii.; ix.; x.; xi. xii.; xii.; xiii.; gratitude.

Images: Stills from as grand as what (2018-2021), courtesy of the artist.