2015: Gabriela Yiaxis and William Davis Primary School

  • Masterclasses 2015: Gabriela Yiaxis and William Davis Primary School

Gabriela Yiaxis and William Davis Primary School, Tower Hamlets, Year 3

Students from William Davis Primary School in Tower Hamlets worked with costume designer and architect Gabriela Yiaxis to explore themes from the Whitechapel Gallery Children’s Commission 2015, Rivane Neuenschwander: The Name of Fear (23 June – 25 October 2015).

Exploring narratives, textiles and how different cultures cope with the fears that manifest in young minds, students created their own Guatemalan  Worry Dolls. Each student made one for themselves and one for someone else that they identified could benefit from one; these were displayed in the Gallery alongside the exhibition.

“The project greatly contributed towards educational needs of my students, the children learnt lots of new artistic skills and also to not give up when a task becomes difficult. A follow up storytelling session with the created dolls would be interesting; I could extend this for a writing task in school!”

Teacher, William Davis Primary School