• Richelieu Biennale_Richelieu_Espace Benoît_Faure

Richelieu is an ideal mise-en-scène for an encounter between 17th century culture and art today.

Richelieu’s urban plan embraces:
  • Community and ritual
  • Trade and tourism
  • Nature as arcadia
Richelieu is facing the same questions as provincial and rural towns across Europe:
  • How do we stop our population declining?
  • What opportunities are there for young people?
  • How can we afford to restore our heritage buildings?
  • What kind of economies can we generate?
  • Can towns like Richelieu offer a liveable, sustainable alternative to crowded, expensive and polluted big cities?
Contemporary art and architecture can:
  • Raise awareness of Richelieu’s aesthetic, literary and political history
  • Stimulate a creative economy
This project has the potential to:
  • Drive renovation
  • Bring new skills for local people
  • Generate local, national and international awareness of the beautiful experiment that is Richelieu

The Richelieu Biennale is a contemporary response by architects and artists to a remarkable heritage site in a rural setting.