• Richelieu_North_gate Benoît_Faure

The Concept

The Richelieu Laboratory is the first phase of a two year project which brought together artists and architects with residents, associations, local arts organisations, politicians, anthropologists, horticulturalists and landscape architects to explore the vision for the Richelieu Biennale.

Guiding principles were drawn up for socially engaged art and architecture in the rural. The challenges of bringing contemporary architecture, design and art into dialogue with a historic site and whether culture can revive a rural community were discussed.

Ideas centred on the temporary pavilion as a nexus for the Biennale: an arcadian shelter inviting us to rest, to discuss, to perform or to find shade and admire the view. The function of the pavilion is to be without function. A utopian structure made purely for pleasure, aesthetics and experimentation.

Investigative Journeys

Tour of the Town led by historian Bernard Gaborit

Richelieu Biennale_Richelieu_Town_Hall Benoît_Faure

Richelieu Biennale_Richelieu_Market_Hall Catherine_du_Toit Richelieu_Moat Benoît_Faure

Richelieu Biennale_Richelieu_Grande_Rue Benoît_Faure

Tour of the Park led by historian Marie-Pierre Terrien

Richelieu Biennale_Marie-Pierre Terrien, Caroline Hancock Catherine_du_Toit Richelieu_West gate Catherine_du_Toit

Richelieu Biennale_Richelieu_Park Catherine_du_Toit

Richelieu Biennale_Bridge_avenue of trees Clare_Stent.jpg

Tour of the Château d’Oiron, Centre des Monuments Nationaux
One of the largest collections of site specific art in the world, led by Carine Guimbard and Samuel Quenault

Richelieu Biennale_CDgroup with Carine Guimbard

Richelieu Biennale_Château d

Richelieu Biennale_Chateau d

Richelieu Biennale_Château_d

The Discussions

Discussions took place at the Town Hall, demi-lune, Parc de Richelieu, La Maison 21 and La Teinturerie, Richelieu.
La Maison 21 and La Teinturerie, a former fabric workshop for dyeing cloth, are now cultural spaces.

Richelieu Biennale_AAVS Richelieu Caroline_Rabourtin

Richelieu Biennale_Peggy Casterman and Iwona Blazwick at the town hall Carole_Watts

Richelieu Biennale_Richelieu_Town_Model Catherine_du_Toit

Richelieu Biennale_Kathryn Gustafson presentation Peter_Thomas

Richelieu Biennale_Picnic_at_the_demi_lune Caroline_Rabourtin

Richelieu Biennale_Notes Catherine_du_Toit

Richelieu Biennale_Richelieu_La_Teinturerie Benoît_Faure

Richelieu Biennale_Richelieu_La_Teinturerie Benoît_Faure

First Impressions Arcadian Peter_Thomas.jpg

Arcadian Absence Clare_Stent.jpg

Empty Bounded Catherine_du_Toit

Bounded Luminous Clare_Stent.jpg

Luminous Minerality Catherine_du_Toit.jpg

Mineral Theatrical Peter_Thomas.jpg

Theatrical Richelieu_Grande_Rue_Houses Benoît_Faure

Symmetry Richelieu_Nuit_Gourmande Clare_Stent


The Participants

The Organisers
Iwona Blazwick
Caroline Hancock
Reine Okuliar
Alfred Pacquement
Clare Stent
Catherine du Toit

The Visitors
Veronique de Champvallier Parke
Cécile Duval
Sarah Elson
Kathryn Gustafson
Neil Porter
Camille Sineau
Peter Thomas

The Artists
Santiago Borja
Mohssin Harraki

The Architectural Association
Sue Barr
Joyce Chen
Quentin Dauvergne
Georgia Hablutzel
Dorotea Petrucci
Christopher Pierce
Caroline Rabourdin

The Community
Guillaume Blanc
Muriel Bouvier
Vincent Bouvier
Marie-Aude Caraës
Emmanuelle Dolivet
Benoît Faure
Bernard Gaborit
Carine Guimbard
Patricia Laigneau
Benjamin Marolleau
Camille Marolleau
Myriam Montagner
Samuel Quenault
Philippe Tardits
Marie-Pierre Terrien
Joëlle Uytterhoeven
Pierre Uytterhoeven
Jason Wright

The Town Hall
Hervé Novelli
Charlotte de Becdeliévre
Peggy Casterman
Etienne Martegoutte
Carole Watts