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The walking tour begins at the Whitechapel Gallery with Christen Sveaas Art Foundation. The Travel Bureau, Selected by Paulina Olowska. An installation of works from the Christen Sveaas Art Foundation inspired by Orbis, the largest and longest running travel agency in Poland. The exhibition reveals the true nature of a gallery as a travel bureau, where works of art are portals into myriad destinations imagined by artists. Next is Autograph ADB, with Care | Contagion | Community — Self & Other. For this exhibition, the gallery commissioned ten UK-based artists to create works responding to the wider contexts of Covid-19. From here the tour heads to Hoxton 253 for the opening of a show by artists Sophie Seita and Claire Zakiewicz that will start off with an improvised music and painting performance. The following destination is New Art Projects exhibiting a group show spanning from moving image to sculptural works and curated by Hsi-Nong Huang. The last stop is Lychee One displaying a series of work made with charcoal on raw canvas by the artist Benjamin Murphy.


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Whitechapel Gallery


Autograph ABP

Autograph ABP

Old Street

HOXTON 253 art project space 2

HOXTON 253 art project space


New Art Projects

Bethnal Green

Lychee One Gallery 2

Lychee One gallery


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