2015: Peter Liversidge and Lammas Secondary School

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Peter Liversidge and Lammas Secondary School, Waltham Forest, Year 10

Working with exhibiting artist Peter Liversidge, students from Lammas School explored ideas and histories of protest, using the collective voice as a platform to instigate change. Through critical conversation and practical activities, students created their own banners, placards and protest songs.

The project coincided with Peter Liversidge’s exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery Notes on Protesting (17 March – 14 June 2015).

It was good to be able to participate in an artwork rather than just look at one. I wouldn’t have foreseen it, when we came in I thought that there’s no way they are going to be singing, there’s no way you can make that happen in one day- but they were fully engaged and fully singing, amazing! Teacher, Lammas Secondary School

I really enjoyed how everyone was sharing their ideas, always talking to each other and working together to make something new. Student, Lammas Secondary School

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Read an interview with the Peter Liversidge about music, protest and performance on the Whitechapel Gallery blog.