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Leading practitioners give young people an insight into their creative practices and share hands-on practical skills.


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Past Workshops

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Getting Started in Arts Publishing

A workshop about Arts Publishing led by Whitechapel Gallery’s Head of Publications Evie Tarr.

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Unbuilding: Architecture Workshop

A workshop exploring what architecture means and experimenting with how we can use new and old technologies to build and unbuild worlds.

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Poetry Workshop with Jamal Mehmood

A workshop exploring the imagery and storytelling of poetry in translation with writer and filmmaker Jamal Mehmood.

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Family Portraiture with Pacheanne Anderson and Bernice Mulenga

A workshop for LGBTQ+ young people exploring and contributing to the We Get To Choose Our Family exhibition.

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Painting Masterclass: Sikelela Owen

A masterclass experimenting with a range of painting techniques to develop skills and create new work.

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Zine Making with OOMK

A workshop with OOMK exploring all things Zine Making.

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Writing About Arts & Culture with Precious Adesina

A workshop exploring different ways of talking and writing about art.

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Matching Your Gaze: Photography and Storytelling with Myah Jeffers

A practical workshop thinking about how we tell stories through and alongside photography.  

Whitechapel Gallery Eileen Simpson & Ben White (Low Res)-13-

Art, Lyrics, Loops n Beats

With artist Ben White (Open Music Archive), Grime musicians Prince Rapid and King David.


Masterclass in Art and Architecture

With STORE Projects and architect Farshid Moussavi.

Choreography Masterclass

Photography and Choreography Masterclass

With photographer Nana Varveropolou and dance artist Fernanda Munoz Newsome.


Photography and Creative Writing Masterclass

With artist Hrair Sarkissian and poet Rachel Long.

Whitechapel Youth_Duchamp and Sons Photomonth 2014_7

Imagining the East End

With photographers Heather McDonugh and Rod Morris.