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Duchamp & Sons is a collaborative programme for young people aged 15-24.

The group comes together regularly to collaborate with artists, curators and practitioners from various fields. They curate exhibitions and events in the Gallery, develop films and new artworks, and work on projects as a collective.

Formerly known as the Young Curators, the group was reimagined alongside artist Lady Lucy whilst exploring ideas surrounding naming and identity. Duchamp & Sons, in its current form, was founded in 2010, deriving its name from artist Marcel Duchamp and a shop on which existed on Whitechapel High Street, Albert & Son.

Interested in joining Duchamp & Sons? We hold Taster Evenings for curious young people. No previous art experience is necessary and all are welcome. You can also come along to special events online or at the Gallery led by Duchamp & Sons.

Hear from members of Duchamp & Sons, in these short films of some of their recent projects:

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E: duchampandsons@whitechapelgallery.org

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Twitter @duchampandsons
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Read the Duchamp & Sons manifesto here

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Escape the Slick

An exhibition made in collaboration with Duchamp & Sons and alumn Gaby Sahhar to explore ideas around public space.

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Youth Takeover: Mapping the Studio

A one day Duchamp & Sons takeover inviting audiences to see the studio through the eyes and ears of young artists. Developed in collaboration with artist Shepherd Manyika.

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The D&S Archive

An exploration between Duchamp & Sons and bare minimum collective of what a Duchamp & Sons archive could and should look like.

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Virtual Studio Visits

Duchamp & Sons invite artists across the globe to open the doors to their creative workspaces and share their practices.

Fire In My Belly, Ayo Akingbade 2021(2)

A Glittering City Podcast

Artist Ayo Akingbade discusses her new film Fire In My Belly with Duchamp & Sons, Curator Renee Odjidja and the Co-Founder/Director of Migrant’s Bureau Alisha Morenike Fisher.


Duchamp & Sons x Ayo Akingbade

How do you come to feel part of a community? Duchamp & Sons collaborated with artist Ayo Akingbade to investigate ideas of place and belonging leading to the making of a new film.

Hear, Now Ep 2

Home: Live > In Room Podcast

What role might art play when our freedom is interrupted?  Hear Duchamp & Sons discuss their process in curating an exhibition virtually and the ways in which lockdown has affected experiences of art and culture.


Home: Live > In Room

Considering the ways in which lockdown has affected experiences of art and culture, Duchamp & Sons presents a virtually curated display featuring artworks drawn from the Hiscox Collection.


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Duchamp & Sons x Rosie Ridgway

Weaving experimental beats, sounds, lyrics, and spoken word the group worked with artist and musician Rosie Ridgway to create a new music album.

Whitechapel Gallery Youth Takeover_Rob Harris

Youth Takeover: Visions of the Future

Workshops, performances, tours and pop-up displays exploring fresh visions of the future. Developed in partnership with Community Music and Siobhan Davies Dance.

Whitechapel Gallery Duchamp & Sons Cafe Installation Low Res-28

Whitechapel Gallery Café, 1985 – 2007

An installation combining fact and fiction to re-imagine a new history for the Gallery’s former café. In collaboration with artist duo Wright & Vandame

Alone Together_Duchamp_Sons_Justyna Fedec

Alone Together: Youth Forum with Seth Pimlott

The group investigate the strange allegiance between mind and body leading to the creation of two films and an exhibition.

Duchamp & Sons Manifesto

Duchamp & Sons Manifesto

The youth forum express their collective voice and explore their shared identity with gallery staff and artist Ruth Beale.

Duchamp & Sons presents The Light and Shadow Salon at Whitechapel Gallery

The Light and Shadow Salon

An enlightening afternoon of screenings, performances and discussions on the theme of ‘Freedom/Control’.  With artist Chiara Ambrosio.




Duchamp & Sons x Chiara Ambrosio and English National Opera

From animation to composition, costume to choreography Duchamp & Sons explored a cross- disciplinary approach to making.

Image of performance in Whitechapel Gallery

Duchamp & Sons x Ian Giles

A performance investigating how language can be abstracted through layering, repetition and reordering.


Stories Uncovered

Exploring archiving in the 21st century through mapping and colour.


EYESPY.FM x Sophie Mallett

How much do you share? How much have you seen? How much do you say? How much have you heard? A live radio show on surveillance, privacy, communication and control.

Image of workshop at Whitechapel Gallery

Duchamp & Sons x Sophie Mallett

The group questioned ideas of surveillance, privacy and communication linking to the Electronic Superhighway exhibition.

A picture of artist Joan Jonas performing at HANGAR BICOCCA

5 Questions for Joan Jonas

An interview with pioneering American artist Joan Jonas, on the occasion of the Whitechapel Gallery Art Icon Award 2016.

Duchamp & Sons_Sam Curtis Youth Project 2015 6

Duchamp & Sons x Sam Curtis

A collaboration with artist, fishmonger and curator Sam Curtis exploring participation, manipulation, negotiation, co-operation and exchange.

art casino

Duchamp & Sons Takeover: Art Casino

An interactive workshop inspired by chance, luck and fortune in collaboration with artist Ruth Proctor.

A picture of three young people performing on Whitechapel High Street

Duchamp & Sons x Ruth Proctor

Over six weeks the group explored themes of chance, probability, luck and fortune in Proctor’s practice.

Duchamp & Sons tour

Tour: Richard Tuttle - I Don't Know. The Weave of Textile Language.

A tour led by Duchamp & Sons sharing their personal responses to the artist’s work.

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De/Construct with Steven Morgana & Nick Wood

For this exhibition, Duchamp & Sons create new works in response to the Gallery space.


Duchamp & Sons x Jenny Moore

Performance artist Jenny Moore collaborated with the group over six weeks to create a new piece of art.

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Duchamp & Sons: East End Abstract

Duchamp and Sons were invited to create films in dialogue with the Josiah McElheny exhibition.

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Whitechapel Gallery Staff Portrait Studio

D&S collaborated with Lady Lucy on a portrait studio where staff from the Gallery were invited to sit and reveal aspects of themselves and the institution.


The Naming Project with Lady Lucy

In the summer of 2010 the group worked with artist Lady Lucy to create a new name.


Young Curators: Archive Project

The group collaborated on a project with artist Paul Crook to think about how the legacy of this group might be represented.