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Big Ideas: Adam Shatz

The Revolutionary Lives of Frantz Fanon

14 Mar 2024

Picture 1

Tainted Love

30 Nov 2023

Undercurrent_RPilgrim – Copy

The Voice of the People

Embodiment, Collectivity and Power

14 Sep 2023


Lauren Elkin: Art Monsters

Big Ideas

27 Jul 2023

Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 18.15.52


Documents of Contemporary Art

4 May 2023

Elaine de Kooning The Bull 1959 (1)

Making Sense of Abstraction

Contemporary Artists in Conversation

9 Mar 2023

82 (1)

The Korean House

16 Feb 2023

A sequence of waves lapping on a beach

Bodies of Water: A Confluence of Voices

with Phoebe Boswell

17 Nov 2022

Carolee Schneeman A Short History of Performance I Meat Joy 16 April 2002 A Short History of Performance_ Part One, 15-21 April 2002. Courtesy Whitechapel Gallery

Performance Now

Reflecting on live art with Hetain Patel, Lois Keidan and Leah Clements

20 Oct 2022

Gareth Film 1

Strangers Within

Documentary As Encounter

1 Oct 2022

Tracey Emin 20 Years scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh a3 17 copy

Art Icon 2022: Tracey Emin

In conversation with Iwona Blazwick

24 Mar 2022


Paulina Olowska: Dreams, Visions, Utopias

In conversation with Iwona Blazwick

13 Jan 2022

3 The Word for Water

The Word for Water is Whale

Zadie Xa

15 Jul 2021

Screenshot 2021-04-01 at 15.29.01

Liquid Sculpture: Cristina Iglesias

In conversation with Iwona Blazwick and Richard Noble

17 Jun 2021


Revolutionary Feminisms

with Brenna Bhandar, Rafeef Ziadah, Ruth Wilson Gilmore and Vron Ware

26 Nov 2020



Documents of Contemporary Art

12 Nov 2020

Christopher Kulendran Thomas_Being Human_2019_3

Big Ideas: Networked Curating

Christopher Kulendran Thomas and Annika Kuhlmann

29 Oct 2020

Hlavajova, photo by Tarona Leonora, 2017

Big Ideas

Maria Hlavajova

8 Oct 2020


Big Ideas: Judith Butler

The Force of Nonviolence

23 Jul 2020

Insurgent Empire_CMYK

Big Ideas: Priyamvada Gopal

Insurgent Empire: Anticolonial Resistance and British Dissent

9 Apr 2020


Eco-Imaginaries: Science Fictions, Speculative Futures

Documents of Contemporary Art

2 Apr 2020

Install shot, 1983

Nicholas Serota in Conversation

Exhibition Histories

12 Mar 2020


Postcards from the Diaspora

Facilitated by Maya Chowdhry

5 Mar 2020

Political Geologies

Political Geologies

Rachel Pimm and Amy Donovan

20 Feb 2020


Postcards from the Diaspora

Facilitated by Aurella Yussuf

20 Feb 2020


Concrete & Ink: Storytelling and the Future of Visionary Architecture

Corina Angheloiu, Julian Baggini and Sophie Mackintosh in conversation

13 Feb 2020


Veronica Gerber Bicecci

In conversation with Christina MacSweeny and Caroline Edwards

8 Feb 2020

Untitled-1 copy


Sophie J Williamson with Simona Škrabec

21 Nov 2019

Land of Undefined Territory

Munem Wasif

Conversations on Photography

14 Nov 2019


Anna Maria Maiolino

in conversation with Michael Asbury

26 Sep 2019

The rural conference, caption TBC

The Rural Assembly: Day 2

Wysing Arts Centre

22 Jun 2019

Wapke-Zvizzchi (2)

The Rural Assembly: Day 1

Whitechapel Gallery

21 Jun 2019

mali wu by Rich Matheson

The Rural Assembly: Wu Mali

Keynote Lecture: Big Ideas

20 Jun 2019

Whitechapel Gallery Old Palace Big Selection-133

Learning Environments: A Discussion

Adesola Akinleye, Catherine Burke, Nils Norman and Sol Perez Martinez

15 Jun 2019

22.Biblio (PKT)DSC_9823


Jeff McMillan, David Batchelor and Iwona Blazwick in Conversation

30 May 2019

Common birds small snapshot

Border Struggles (of the Common Birds)

Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson

16 May 2019

N83 BBZ 30

Queer Activisms

Communities, Networks, Empowerment

11 May 2019

Darren Almond Light of Time VI

Darren Almond

Prix Pictet Conversations on Photography

25 Apr 2019

Charles Gaines_TheaterofRefusal_Image1

Charles Gaines

Exhibition Histories

18 Apr 2019

Hannah Starkey

Hannah Starkey

Prix Pictet Conversations on Photography

21 Feb 2019

Tatiana Bilbao, Ways of Life

Tatiana Bilbao: Ways of Life

Big Ideas

14 Feb 2019

What it Means to Write About Art

What it Means to Write About Art

Jarrett Earnest, Adrian Searle, Farah Nayeri and Georgina Adam

7 Feb 2019

Rachel Whiteread

Art Icon: Rachel Whiteread

In Conversation with Iwona Blazwick

24 Jan 2019

Sweet Feast Still 4

Ulla von Brandenburg

In Conversation with Lydia Yee

6 Dec 2018


Craft: Phyllida Barlow and Tanya Harrod

Documents of Contemporary Art

29 Nov 2018

Brian Massumi

Brian Massumi

Big Ideas

22 Nov 2018

Commons: The Rural


The Rural

15 Nov 2018


James Bridle

Gerrard O’Carroll Memorial Lecture

8 Nov 2018

111 – Collection of Mushrooms 20130925_4021

Lynne Cooke

Big Ideas

20 Oct 2018

WG_Exhibition Histories_ David A. Bailey

David A. Bailey

Exhibition Histories

18 Oct 2018

Laura Henno_web

Laura Henno

Prix Pictet Conversations on Photography

4 Oct 2018

One Day_Holger Hönck

Elmgreen & Dragset

Artist Talk

29 Sep 2018

1. Pawel Althamer

Creating Ourselves: Art, the body and subjectivity

Alice Channer, Linder, Prem Sahib and Daniel Silver

19 Jul 2018

LandRush Project

Art and Agriculture

The Rural

5 Jul 2018

Ophiux film still 3


28 Jun 2018

Imbizo Ka Mafavuke, 2017

Uriel Orlow

The London Open Live

21 Jun 2018

Shifting Landscapes

Shifting Landscapes

Curatorial Education and the Global

2 Jun 2018



Documents of Contemporary Art

26 Apr 2018

Rebecca Chesney, Death by Denim, 2015. Courtesy of the artist

Rethinking Landscape

The Rural

15 Mar 2018


A Natural History of Witchcraft

The Curios Society

10 Mar 2018

Anatomical Venus. The “Venerina” or “Little Venus” wax anatomical model by Clemente Susini, 1782. Photo by Joanna Ebenstein. Courtesy of the Palazzo Poggi, Bologna, Italy. 2010

Joanna Ebenstein

Big Ideas

8 Mar 2018

6 The Chymical Wedding – The King & Queen 2012


The Curios Society

3 Mar 2018

Matt + Fiona Room for Art Installation View Low Res-45

Building as Pedagogy


22 Feb 2018

Maria Thereza Alves, The Return of a Lake, installation in dOCUMENTA (13). Photographs  by Luellwitz, 2012

Maria Thereza Alves: The Return of a Lake

Exhibition Histories

10 Feb 2018

Yvonne Rainer, RoS Idexical, 2007, A Performa Commission, Photo -® Paula Court.

Body as Archive

27 Jan 2018



Documents of Contemporary Art

14 Dec 2017


Leonor Antunes

In conversation with Briony Fer

7 Dec 2017

The Doubting Colloquy

The Doubting Colloquy

Sally O'Reilly and guests

23 Nov 2017



Documents of Contemporary Art

16 Nov 2017

Jane and Louise Wilson

Jane and Louise Wilson

Gerrard O’Carroll Memorial Lecture

9 Nov 2017


For Walls With Tongues

led by Stephen Lobb and Carol Kenna

1 Nov 2017

Climate Control

Climate Control

26 Oct 2017

Big Ideas-Naeem Mohaiemen – Last Man_Point To My Life-NO SMILE

Big Ideas: Naeem Mohaiemen

What we mean when we ask permission

10 Oct 2017

Thomas Ruff – Prix Pictet Talk

Thomas Ruff

Prix Pictet Conversations on Photography

28 Sep 2017



Exhibition Histories

23 Sep 2017

Whitechapel Gallery - Sophie Ristelhueber - Talk

Sophie Ristelhueber

In conversation with David Campany

24 Aug 2017

Whitechapel Gallery - Glenn Adamson - Talk

Big Ideas: Glenn Adamson

Curating Art, Curating Design: Is there a Difference?

17 Aug 2017

Production image for The Trickle-Down Syndrome by Benedict Drew

Benedict Drew

10 Aug 2017

Melanie Manchot, Celebration (Cyprus Street), Courtesy the artist

Art in the Public Realm

Gareth Evans, Melanie Manchot, Fatoş Üstek & Sam Wilkinson

25 May 2017

Rut Blees Luxemburg, Silver Forest, (Victoria Street, London) photo: Lucy Gatland, 2016

Rut Blees Luxemburg

Prix Pictet Conversations on Photography

13 Apr 2017

Nisar Hossain - Whitechapel Gallery Event - 23 Mar 2017

Nisar Hossain

23 Mar 2017

Image courtesy of Cally Spooner

An Intimate Symposium on Maintenance

Cally Spooner

18 Mar 2017

Installation view showing work by Anne Decock. ‘This is the show and the show is many things’, S.M.A.K., Ghent 1994. Image courtesy S.M.A.K., Ghent.

Exhibition Histories

Bart de Baere

16 Mar 2017

Max Mara Art Prize for Women Talk - Emma Hart - 2017

Max Mara Art Prize for Women: Emma Hart

With Stefan Golaszewski and Judith Carlton

9 Mar 2017

Portrait of Dorothea Von Hantelmann

Big Ideas

Dorothea von Hantelmann

2 Mar 2017


Documents of Contemporary Art: Boredom

with Tom McDonough

23 Feb 2017

Rineke-Dijkstra, Marianna and Sasha Kingisepp, Russia November 2, 2014 Courtesy Marian Goodman Gallery, New York and London

Rineke Dijkstra

Prix Pictet Conversations on Photography

16 Feb 2017

Peter Doig in his New York Studio, 2013. Courtesy Michael Werner Gallery

Peter Doig

Art Icon 2017

26 Jan 2017


Essay Film Now

21 Jan 2017


Affect and Curating

Feeling the Curatorial

19 Jan 2017

Sonic boom259

Exhibition Histories

David Toop

24 Nov 2016


Keller Easterling

Gerrard O’Carroll Memorial Lecture

17 Nov 2016

Cover of Documents of Contemporary Art Animals

Documents of Contemporary Art: Animals

with Filipa Ramos

27 Oct 2016

William Kentridge Thuthuka Philip Miller in Rome for Triumphs and Laments April 2016 (2)

Big Ideas

Philip Miller & William Kentridge

22 Sep 2016

Samson Kambalu at Whitechapel Gallery

Big Ideas

Samson Kambalu

10 Sep 2016

Eyal Wiseman Forensic Architecture

Big Ideas

Eyal Weizman

21 Jul 2016

ON & BY Warhol_Cover

Gilda Williams: ON&BY Andy Warhol

Book Launch

17 Mar 2016

Image : Kibbo Kift Kindred, men and boys on camp parade with totems, 1925

The Craft of the Woods

Inspired by Kibbo Kift

10 Mar 2016

The Thin Black Line at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (1985). -Courtesy-LubainaHimid

Exhibition Histories

Lubaina Himid

3 Mar 2016

Joan Jonas at MIT Photo by L Barry Hetherington 2014

Joan Jonas and Iwona Blazwick

In Conversation

26 Feb 2016

Hrair Sarkissian Execution Squares © Hrair Sarkissian

Hrair Sarkissian

Prix Pictet Conversations on Photography

25 Feb 2016

22Jan-Kamal Boullata, La Ana Illa Ana, 1983, Silkscreen2

Kamal Boullata & Jumana Manna

Imperfect Chronology

22 Jan 2016


Big Ideas

Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi

7 Jan 2016

Exhibition Invitation_Exterior_Mona Saudi_sm

Exhibition Histories

Rasha Salti

10 Dec 2015

19Nov-Cineroleum_Zander Olsen-web


Gerrard O’Carroll Memorial Lecture

19 Nov 2015


Valérie Belin

Prix Pictet Conversations on Photography

5 Nov 2015

Francis Bacon’s Studio 2.

Big Ideas

Barbara Dawson

13 Aug 2015


Cally Spooner

11 Jun 2015


Documents of Contemporary Art: Ethics

with Walead Beshty

10 Jun 2015


Exhibition Histories

Hou Hanru

21 May 2015

Zilkha Auditorium

Big Ideas

Diedrich Diederichsen

14 May 2015

Liam Gillick, The Anyspace Whatever, 2004

Liam Gillick

Gerrard O’Carroll Memorial Lecture

25 Mar 2015

Doug Ashford Big Ideas

Big Ideas

Doug Ashford

12 Mar 2015

Kazimir Malevich Black and White Suprematist Composition

Iwona Blazwick

A Brief History of Geometric Abstraction

27 Feb 2015

Sanja Marina

Exhibition Histories

What, How & for Whom

25 Feb 2015

22Jan-PrixPictet-Conorado Feeders, Dalhart, Texas

Mishka Henner

Prix Pictet Conversations on Photography

22 Jan 2015


Documents of Contemporary Art: Sexuality

with Amelia Jones

8 Jan 2015

Richard Tuttle, Walking on Air, 2009


Duchamp & Sons on Richard Tuttle

6 Nov 2014

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